Scalp Tattoo

A scalp tattoo offers an incredible innovative treatment that gives you the appearance of a full head of hair, even if you’re experiencing complete scalp hair loss. Although the scalp tattoo procedure and traditional tattooing procedure look very similar, they’re actually very far from the same. Traditional tattooing uses different techniques, while a scalp tattoo is a specialized treatment that requires extensive training with a master artist.

A scalp tattoo is better known in the industry as scalp micropigmentation, or SMP for short. Unlike regular tattooing, a scalp tattoo gives an entirely natural appearance. Scalp tattoos are non-surgical and non-invasive, using only natural-based pigment and depositing this pigment just below the epidermal layer of the skin. This is not as deep as a traditional tattoo. The look of a scalp tattoo is thousands of replicated hair follicles. If you have complete hair loss, a scalp tattoo will give you the appearance of a full head of cropped hair. For those with less density, a scalp tattoo will be done between the existing hairs; this will reduce the contrast between the hair and the scalp giving your hair a fuller and thicker appearance.

Finally, a scalp tattoo can be used to camouflage scarring on the scalp. If you have received surgery or had an injury to the head that has caused a noticeable scar, we can deposit the scalp tattoo in and around the scarring to conceal the injured skin. This treatment can also sometimes restore some health to the injured skin, sometimes encouraging hair growth, although this is not guaranteed.

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